Our current links upd Nov 22 (click to open)

2018-11-22 09:28:23 -0500

Our current links: https://180chan.co, https://144chan.pk, & https://155chan.gr

Also bookmark https://180chan.info as it will always be redirecting to the latest emergency board. And in case all 5 links plus this page become suddenly unavailable try looking up "180chan", "144chan", or "155chan" from a non-mainstream search engine such as metager.de to find the latest URLs.

If that doesn't work either, one or more working chan is always linked from our partner sites, so make sure you bookmark them too: http://elwebpics.top http://artffboard.ru https://lolibay.co https://lolitas.top https://nnvids.top https://teenlist.top http://teenxporn.xxxtop.biz http://prettynudes.supertop-100.com/index.php

(This list changes from time to time and I will periodically update it here, and you can always fetch it yourself by checking the little tags on each chan's bottom panel)

For Tor users: We have another emergency board at https://lisach.cf/triforce (redirects to a deepweb .onion link). If the domain lisach.cf gets suspended our page is directly reachable from http://brchanansdnhvvnm.onion/triforce. We're also listed at the Hidden Wiki.

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